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Welcome to Jordan Wells Ministries

Welcome to Jordan Wells Ministries a international Ministry, that is reaching countries around the world with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Through the supernatural power of God, through signs, and wonders. Jordan Wells Ministries is also one of the top ministries in end time teachings, that is changing lives around the world. Jordan Wells Ministries is a world wide ministry that has a huge following with young people, because of the deep teaching aspect of the ministry. We at Jordan Wells Ministries believe that we are currently living in the final chapter of human government, and that all the signs of the end of the age, as spoken of in the bible are coming to pass in our daily news. We pray that this ministry is able through the power of the Holy Spirit to bless, and transform your life. 

The Prophetic Update

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Dorothy Notman Sinclair

Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you


Brad N Gina Stone

Thank you I look forward to listening to your radio program.


Amy Jo Meekins

Thank you Jordan - praying for God's hedge of protection over you. That you may continue to share his word.


Edith Jeremiah Thirtyseventeen








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Prayer Request

Our ministry recieves prayer request from believers across the country, and the world. This is our weekly prayer request section. Were we ask all that log on to this sit to lift these needs up in your private prayer time, we believe at this ministry that the prayers of the righteous will triumph over the enemy, and that prayer is the number one offensive weapon against the enemy. We know that based on scripture our prayers go up before God, as a sweet aroma. God is obligated by his word to open his ear, to our petitions. He tells us that what so ever we ask, in his name we shall recieve. We are trusting God in this season for supernatural increase in your life.

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Breaking News

I have been teaching for years that the Homosexual agenda, was actually paving the way for it to be a Christian agenda. We in this once great nation have always been able to freely express our beliefs, now our government, and others in high places, are declaring that it is not in our constitution that we be able to call sin just what it is. Our founders cared more about religious freedom, than anything the corrupt leaders of our time think as important. Since this supreme court ruling, it has become open fire against Christians, but to show you that this is actually a Christian Agenda. Let me ask a question, Muslims believe homosexuality is a sin also, why aren't any suits being filed against Muslims? Jesus taught that toward the end of the age, we as believers would feel the sting of persecution, many Christians around the world are dieing for there faith, we are in perilous times.

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